How to fill a beanbag properly?

The Perfect Filling of Your Bean Bag: A Detailed Guide

Bean bags epitomize comfort, but filling them correctly is crucial for an optimal lounging experience. Follow these detailed steps to ensure your bean bag is perfectly filled. Or watch the instruction video here:


Step 1: Gather Supplies

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand:

- High-Quality Filling Material: Choose bean bag granules for durability and comfort.
- Funnel: A wide funnel makes filling easier without spilling.
- Sufficient Space: Work in a spacious area where you have easy access to the bean bag.


Step 2: Determine the Right Amount of Filling

Refer to the manual of your Wagner bean bag to find the recommended amount of filling material. Proper filling is essential for optimal comfort.


Step 3: Carefully Open the Zipper

Locate the zipper of the bean bag and open it carefully. Ensure the zipper moves smoothly and does not get stuck.


Step 4: Attach the Funnel

Securely attach the funnel to the opening of the bean bag. This minimizes spillage and makes the filling process more precise.


Step 5: Pour the Filling Material Slowly

Gradually and evenly pour the filling material into the funnel. If necessary, hold the bean bag up to distribute the material properly.

Step 6: Distribute the Filling

Move the bean bag back and forth while filling to evenly distribute the filling material. This prevents clumping and ensures consistent density.


Step 7: Check the Density

Regularly check the density of the bean bag by pressing on it. Add more filling material if needed to achieve the desired firmness.


Step 8: Carefully Close the Zipper

Carefully close the zipper to prevent any filling material from escaping. Make sure the closure is fully sealed.


Step 9: Test the Bean Bag

Sit on the bean bag and test the comfort level. Adjust the filling as necessary to reach your personal preference.

By following these comprehensive steps, you ensure a perfectly filled Wagner bean bag that meets your comfort expectations. Take the time to complete the process, and then enjoy hours of relaxation on your ideal seat!