What is the best way to fill a beanbag?

What is the best way to fill a beanbag?

Filling a beanbag can be done in several ways and some are easier than others. It is easiest to do this with the two of them. But alone is also an option and that is why we have created this blog to see what is easiest for you.

Introduction to get you started:

Make some space where you will fill the beanbag. Make sure there are no items in the way while filling. Also to ensure that it does not get covered by the filling, so you keep it clean and tidy. It is possible that filling can go next to it during filling and this open space makes it easy to vacuum up afterwards with the vacuum cleaner or to sweep up what has fallen next to it with a sweeper.


Step 1:

Make a decision on how you want to fill the bean bag covers.

Step 2:

Fill the beanbag according to the description.

Step 3:

Decide for yourself how much filling you want in the beanbag.

Step 4:

If any filling has gone missing, you can scoop it back into the beanbag or put it in the beanbag if a lot has gone missing.

Step 5:

Close the zipper or zippers of the bean bag

Step 6:

Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the fillings that have fallen next to the bean bag and clean the bean bag with the vacuum cleaner if it is underneath. Possibly with dustpan and dustpan.

Choices explained in brief:

1 - old-fashioned full scoop (1 person or 2)

2 - Pouring it in without a funnel (2 people)

3 - Pouring in with funnel (2 people)

4 - connect two tubes and pour over (2 people)

5 - gluing one tube and pouring it over (1 person)

Full explanation:

1. Fill the beanbag the old-fashioned way and scoop it in with a container or cup.

2. Cut a point in the plastic bag and pour it into it. It is best with two of them where one holds the beanbag opening firmly. And the other pours it in little by little.

3. Using a funnel, pour the filling into the bean bag.

4. There is also a more fun way that will cause the least amount of mess.

- Watch the video here of how we do this most easily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcGEiiRwufk

Video explained:


- 2 plastic bottles/cups or empty toilet rolls.

- Duck tape

Make a tube, put it in, or stick it on:

A toilet roll tube or plastic cup with the bottom cut out. stick to the plastic bag with Duck tape or other adhesive tape. Then stick it to the other beanbag with the double beanbag zipper. This is the pocket that is in the zipper with another zipper. And in this way try to transfer everything to the other bag.

Additional tips:

Tip if you find the beanbag filling heavy:
You can also place the bean bag filling on a high table or other place, so that you do not have to lift it for so long and can fill it so easily. Make sure the hole in the plastic bag is at the bottom, and hold the bean bag opening under this bag so that the filling can flow in easily.

Tip for a sturdy beanbag:

While filling you can decide how full you want the beanbag. If you want a sturdy beanbag, it is best to press it a little occasionally while filling. Then you can put more filling in the beanbag and you get a sturdy ottoman. Repeat this until you think this is enough.




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